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J2ME MIDP – Weather Forecast Midlet

WeatherMIDletThis J2ME project is called WeatherMIDlet, and allows a user to get the current weather conditions from their cellphone for any zip code in the US. The user presets a list of desired zip code locations and their cellphone will display organized weather data for those locations.

I used Java‘s small device application programming platform called J2ME (ME standing for Micro Edition). The J2ME framework is specially made to be lightweight and platform neutral for cellphone and small device development. These mobile apps are called midlets (as opposed to applets, servlets, and portlets), where MID comes from MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) which is the Java runtime environment for small devices.

WeatherMIDlet uses many standard objects and APIs. To navigate menus I used a CommandListener object. I used a ticker object for generating a scrolling banner that displays current temperatures for all stored zip codes. All the weather data is stored in a RecordStore object, and the weather server is re-queried periodically in order to keep the RecordStore current. I used a bean object to parse the string of raw uncategorized weather data from the weather service into its constituent parts. These are then stored by the main midlet which will output concatenated strings such as, “High of 67 today with a low of 49. Currently the skies are cloudy.” The internet weather web service I chose to use was

Languages: Java, XML

Coding tools: Java Wireless Toolkit, Notepad, JCreator

Source files: 190 kB

Required supporting installs:
Java Wireless Toolkit

Final project report: WeatherMIDlet.doc 240 kB

Additional screenshots:
WeatherMIDlet screen2WeatherMIDlet screen3WeatherMIDlet screen4WeatherMIDlet screen5